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RABA and Local Businesses Provide 2,700 RABA Bus Tickets to Non-profits


RABA provides rides to over 800,000 people each year, and has been serving the Redding, Shasta Lake, and Anderson communities since 1981. We know the importance of good service and have prepared this website to help you plan your Redding Area Bus Authority trip.

Throughout the site, you will find information about RABA bus routes, hours of operation, fares, and tips on using the service.

Give RABA a try--we think you'll like our service!

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RABA is currently considering some options for redesigning the bus system. Public workshops are being held so you can preview the potential changes and tell us which option will work best for you. Click here for MORE INFORMATION ABOUT UPCOMING WORKSHOPS.

Click here to email any comments regarding the Short Range Transit Plan

Click on the links below for the video presentation and staff report to the
RABA Board at the 9/16 meeting:
Board Presentation
RABA Board Report
Proposed Alternative #2
Proposed Alternative #1